Bunny Hop, Fruity IPA - 8 pack

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Bunny Hop IPA

Ride a bike, go places, make memories;
That is what we tell ourselves.
We truly believe the planet is a better place when more people ride the bike.
Ride first, drink later; a Koersprêt beer as a drink to friendship, a toast to togetherness.

Launch your bike in the air like you just don’t care, hurray for the bunny hop. Savor the bold and balanced flavor of our traditional English IPA, boasting a full, malty taste with perfect Bunny-Hoppy, fruity, and spicy notes. We added a touch of bitterness (in case of a bad landing).

Alc. 5,5% vol.  33cl

Ingredienten: water, gerstemout, hop, gist.
Ingredients: water, malt barley, hops, yeast.
Ingredients: eau, malt d’orge, houblon, levure.

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